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The first Noble seedlings at this site were planted in February 2004.  We started with 500 trees as an experiment.  In 2005, we followed with 1500 more Noble seedlings.  It was at this point I learned of the “Pocket Gopher” and the damage they can cause to seedling from both tunneling around and eating the roots of the trees.  Being competitive in nature, I did the only reasonable thing, bought a Kubota tractor and plowed the ground in preparation of the next planting sites.  In 2007, another 1500 seedling where planted.

These first 3500 trees are all Natural Cultured trees.  Minimal hand clipping has been applied to the trees.  Natural Cultured trees are more open than cultured trees that apply sheering techniques each year – they are excellent for presentation of your favorite Christmas tree ornaments.

Christmas 2011 was the first year we opened for U-Cut (One weekend).    This year (2014), we have a large supply of 4' to 8' trees and a very large selection of 8' to12', and even larger!

We planted an additional 5000 Noble's in 2008; these are being cultured for wholesale, but will also allow U-Cut selection from this lot as the trees mature.  About 200 of these trees are availible for wholesale, before thanksgiving.

2011 Pictures: "Summer Day"      
U-Cut Noble Christmas Trees
2012 Pictures: "Fall Sunset" - What a beautiful day on the farm!
Silver Run Tree Farms Natural Nobles
2013: Family Business      
Jessie planting seedlings Snowing during planting Jerrad - Tree maintenance President's seat
Jessie Planting Nobles Natural Cultured Nobles
Silver Run Tree Farms, Salem Oregon